Commercial & Industrial Water Softener Systems For Your Business

Remove water problems and increase downstream efficiency of your equipment with pre-treatment.

  1. Features

    Reduces hardness and scale, increasing product lifespan and downstream equipment efficiency all while reducing turbidity, odors, iron, manganese, and heavy metals from water.

  2. Benefits

    Plain and simple, it will help reduce your operating costs — up to 30-35% in use of detergents and chemicals.

  3. Automation

    Aqua-Sensor® automatically triggers the water softener regeneration cycle based on resin bed exhaustion. This can help save expenses by reducing salt and water usage.

  4. Brine Reclaim

    When the GBE controller is paired with the brine reclaim system, huge gains in operating efficiencies are possible. You can reduce salt consumption by at least 25% by upgrading to the Culligan brine reclaim system.