Commercial Beverage Filtration for Your Restaurant

Premium water filtration from Culligan Water will give your customers better water, better drinks, and better ice throughout your whole restaurant.

  1. Why Use a Beverage Filter?

    Plain and simple, your customers deserve the better-tasting beverages they’ve come to expect. With Culligan Water in your corner, you can deliver on these expectations with a solution tailored to your business and needs.

  2. Customized Soluations For Food and Beverage Production

    Stoner Quality Water systems generate high quality water to the top food and beverage companies throughout PA, MD, VA, WV, and NC. These integrated platforms are well suited for ingredient, fluid mixing, processing and utility water.

  3. Reinforce Your Reputation

    Your customers visit you for the best food and drinks in the region. Now you can reinforce your already strong reputation by increasing the quality of product provided to your customers. Better water = better food and drinks.

  4. Benefits

    • High purity water for ingredient, beverage and fluid mixing
    • Minimize your overall wastewater output
    • Provide better tasting food and beverages for all your customers
    • Reduce costs while quickly and efficiently meeting your toughest water quality goals