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Whatever your water concerns may be,
we can certainly find YOU a solution that is economical and environmentally friendly!


Culligan  carries a full line of water softeners, whole house water filters,
and drinking water systems to accommodate any homeowner’s needs and budget.


Culligan  Bottled Water Cooler:
The Culligan® Bottled Water Cooler

"Always fresh water, ready when you need it."

Culligan Water Cooler
Superior filtered water ready
for drinking or cooking.
Find out how a CULLIGAN
your water experience simple.

Benefits of a Culligan Water Cooler:
Standalone, space-saving cooler allows you to
move the unit as needed, so that you can have
high-quality, filtered drinking water whenever
you need it. Upon each delivery, empty bottles
are picked up and recycled.

Culligan  Bottle-Free Cooler:
The Culligan® Bottle-Free Coolers

"Provide great-tasting water, cold and hot, minus
the water delivery service and the jugs."

Culligan Bottle-less Cooler
Bottle-quality filtered water,
without the inconvenience
of lugging and storing bottles.
Find out how a CULLIGAN
benefit you!

Benefits of a Bottle-Less Cooler:
An endless supply of bottle-quality water.
Takes up a minimal amount of space.
Eliminates sediments from your water.
Gets rid of undesirable tastes and odors.

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Culligan  Water Softener Models:
The Culligan® High-Efficiency (HE) Water Softener

"So smart it can cut water, salt and energy usage up to 46%."

The Culligan® Gold Water Softener
"Most reliable, lowest-maintenance whole-house softeners."

The Culligan® Medallist Water Softener
"Seamlessly integrates into your plumbing with
state-of-the-art softening and water technology."

Benefits of a Culligan Water Softener:
Smoother, softer skin, and silkier hair.
Less scrubbing and easier time with household chores.
Fluffier, soft towels and brighter, cleaner laundry.
Spot-free dishes, plus less soap and detergent use.
Reduced heating bills and scale build up in pipes.

Culligan Water Softener

Providing exceptional drinking
water while eliminating contaminants
and impurities. Find out how a
can make your water experience effortless.

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Culligan   Reverse Osmosis:
Drinking Water Machine:

The Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® 
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

"Experience the enhanced taste
and performance of smart filtration."

The Culligan® Good Water Machine® 
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

"Get cleaner, reverse osmosis-filtered
water right from a designer faucet."

Benefits of a Culligan R.O. Drinking Water System:
Yields an endless supply of high-quality drinking
water, right from your kitchen sink. 
Cuts out sediments that may be in your water. 
Eliminates funky smells and tastes.

Culligan Drinking Water System
Providing exceptional drinking 
water while eliminating contaminants 
and impurities. Find out how a 
can make your water experience effortless.

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Culligan   Whole House
Water Filter Systems:

The Culligan® Softener-Cleer® 
Water Conditioning System

"One step ahead to ensure you get cleaner
softer water throughout your home."

The Culligan® High Efficiency Iron-Cleer® 
Whole House Water Filter

"Water with less irons looks clearer, tastes better
and smells fresher right from the faucet."

The Culligan® H.E. Sulfur-Cleer® 
Whole House Water Filter

"Better-smelling and better-tasting water
throughout your home."

Benefits of a Culligan Whole Home System:
Clears away sediments while delivering a
continuous amount of soft filtered water
throughout the whole house. Housework
is much easier and prolongs the
lifetime of your water-using appliances
at the same time reducing water-heating bills.

Culligan Whole Home System
Better water from every faucet.
Find out how a CULLIGAN
minimize your housework!


Culligan  Bottled Water &
Salt Delivery Service:

Culligan® Bottled Water & Salt Delivery Service

"Skip the heavy lifting and scheduling headaches 
by requesting your next Culligan delivery today."

Culligan Bottles Water& Salt Delivery Service
Benefits of having a Culligan
regular scheduled delivery:

Never have to worry about
running out of water or salt.
Contact Us for more information!

Culligan  Commercial
& Industrial Water:

Culligan® Commercial & Industrial Water

"You manage your business we will manage your water."
Culligan Commercial& Residential
Benefits of a Culligan Commercial
and Industrial Water:

Minimize utility, labor, and maintenance costs.
Decrease chemical and detergent expenses.
Knock-out scale build up in your machinery while.
increasing the life span of your equipment.

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